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Visual C++ .NET Standard 2003 Visual C++ .NET is the powerful toolset for creating best-in-class Windows-based and .NET-connected applications and components using the C++ development language. This robust development environment comprises highly ISO conformant compilers, industry standard STL, ATL and MFC libraries, and powerful IDE features enabling efficient editing and debugging of source code. Developers of all skill levels will enjoy powerful features including the ability to consume and extend the .NET Framework, visual designers for creating Windows Forms and components, a powerful debugger and industry leading compilers, offering advanced options for code generation on 32 and 64 bit platforms. With Visual C++ .NET 2003, developers can build highly tuned managed applications and components for .NET. Using simple Managed Extensions to the language, code and data-types are compiled for the .NET common language runtime (CLR) as fully optimized Microsoft Intermediate Language instructions (MSIL). Developers can easily incorporate features of the .NET Framework, into C++ applications including full garbage collection, attributes, and threading, into C++ applications. Unique to Visual C++ is the ability to call unmanaged C++ code and ActiveX components using the highest performing interop technology on .NET (IJW). Create Highly Tuned .NET-connected Applications and Components Use Managed Extensions to C++ and compiler support for optimized Microsoft Intermediate Language (MSIL) code generation. Incorporate Microsoft .NET Framework features including garbage collection, Windows Forms, and threading. Call unmanaged code using high-performance C++ interop technology. Create Highly Tuned Unmanaged Windows-based Applications and Components Write and compile unmanaged x86 code. Speed up your application or reduce its size with optimization options for a range of processors, including Whole Program Optimization, and support for Streaming SIMD Extensions (SSE) and Streaming SIMD Extensions 2 (SSE2) instruction sets. Move Existing C++ Code to .NET Granularly and at a Self-defined Pace Existing C++ code compiles for .NET without the need to rewrite it in a new language. Visual C++ supports intermixed managed and unmanaged code and data to provide maximum performance and control. Build Modern C++ Code and Library Sources with a Highly ISO C++-Compliant Compiler Visual C++ .NET 2003 compiles modern C++ code that uses advanced template features, including Partial Template Specialization and Partial Ordering of Function templates. Make use of popular community-written libraries including Boost and Loki. Utilize Enhanced Libraries to Incorporate Advanced Features Visual C++ .NET 2003 includes a variety of libraries encapsulating a plethora of data types and programming patterns, including a fully ISO-conforming STL implementation, industry-standard ATL and MFC, ATL Server, and the .NET Framework. Join a Mature and Intelligent Developer Community Exchange code and knowledge with ... Mobile CPU Stand Adjusts To Accomodate Most CPUs To 9 3/4 Wide Great Mobility With Easy-To-Install Locking Casters High Quality Plastic Is Both Light And Durable Holds Up To 60lbs ... USB Adapter. Bluetooth The Bluetooth USB Adapter (the USB Adapter) adds Bluetooth technology to your existing USB PC or notebook to let it work with all devices enabled with Bluetooth v1.1 technology. Wirelessly print, synchronize your PDA information, and create dial-up connections through a mobile phone. From up to 100 meters away you can effortlessly transfer data to other Bluetooth devices such as desktop or notebook computers, PDAs, scanners, printers, and even mobile phones-wirelessly. Connect with up to seven other Bluetooth devices at a time. Offers built-in security using 128-bit encryption and authentication, allowing you to securely access any Bluetooth device without wires Installs easily with Plug-and-Play convenience Allows you to work at distances of up to 100 meters with 0 to 20 dBm output power* *100m range is dependent upon environment, number of users, and other wireless devices within immediate proximity. Features: Adds Bluetooth connection capability to your USB desktop computer Works with any device enabled with Bluetooth v1.1 technology Provides effortless wireless communication among computing devices and peripherals through user-friendly software Includes 5 Ft. USB Extension Cable for convenient access to your USB port Supports Microsoft Windows 98 SE, Me, 2000, and XP Note: This device may not be compatible with all bluetooth enabled mobile phones. As of 4/22/03, manufacturer does not have a compatibility list available. ... Medal of Honor Allied Assault: Deluxe Combo Set during the most trying years of the war, 1942-1945, Medal of Honor Allied Assault is a single and multiplayer game, powered by the Quake III engine, that puts you in the thick of WWII as a Special Forces agent sent to execute covert operations, search and rescue missions, and commando raids. Prepare for your finest hour! Also included in this explosive combo is Medal of Honor Allied Assault Spearhead. It represents a unique addition to the Medal of Honor franchise. Players will assume the role of Sgt. Jack Barnes as he endures the final months of World War II, from Operation Overlord to the Battle of the Bulge and culminating with the fall of Berlin. Features: Over 20 levels that the player must accomplish specific objectives and goals in order to succeed and advance. Fully realized 3-D worlds utilizing the powerful Quake III engine. Over 1000 unique character animations for unsurpassed level of realism. Multiple online options including team combat and traditional last man standing modes. Encounters with 22 different enemies including Wehrmacht Snipers, Kradschtzen Motorcycle Troops, and Gestapo Officers. Access to over 21 historically accurate World War II era weapons, including Thompson submachine guns, Mark II Frag Grenades, .50 al mounted machine guns, flame-throwers, and sticky bombs. Four different stationary weapons that the player can use against the enemy. All new interactive vehicles including the M4 Sherman tank and the M3 Half Track. More than 18 enemy vehicles including the Tiger Mark I Heavy Tank, Stuka Dive Bombers, and V2 Rockets. Over 12 new multiplayer levels including the Arnhem Bridge and the streets of Berlin. New multiplayer modes emphasizing more robust team multiplayer and team objective-based gameplay. New weapons including the British Enfield Mark 1 rifle, the Sten submachine gun, smoke grenades, and the Soviet PPSh-41 submachine gun. Work with squads of American, British and Soviet troops to complete single-player objectives. New soldier models, skins and voices including British and Soviet troops. ... AirStick - USB Motion Sensing Midair Joystick for Mac Macally USB AirStick is a midair joystick with an advanced, motion-tracking tilt sensor. AirStick is 100% programmable for both InputSprocket and non-InputSprocket games. AirStick's 2 in 1 design (game controller and joystick) enables gamer to control game activities in midair, quickly and easily without limitation of the desktop Features Motion sensing midair joystick 100% compatible with MacOS Control pad and Joystick-two in one design 11 control buttons plus one thumbstick Ergonomic Design Plug and Play operation Excellent feel and shape 3 years warranty Cable length : 6.6' Net Weight : 6.3oz Dimensions : W 3 x L 3.5 x H 6 ... PC to Mac VGA Monitor Adapter With No Dipswitches, Gray, HD15 Male to DB15 Female VGA to Mac Adapter Block allows a Mac Monitor to be used with PC. Features:-Allows a PC to interface with a Macintosh Monitor-Supports Mac Monitors with DB15 Video Port ... CompUSA CompUSA Stores

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CompUSA is the leading USA retailer and reseller of personal computer-related products and services

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CompUSA operates approximately 225 stores in 90 major metropolitan markets. These CompUSA Superstores serve retail, corporate, government and education customers and include technical service departments. CompUSA's inventory includes all major brands of computers and information products including Apple, Compaq, Epson, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Lotus, Microsoft, Toshiba and more. CompUSA also carries more than 2,000 software titles. Many of the CompUSA stores include classroom training facilities.

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  • Plasma Televisions from Panasonic, Plasma TV Discounts from Pioneer, Plasma TV deals from Samsung, Philips plasma televisions, Best Plasma Television Price from Daewoo … At CompUSA "Plasma TV" is just another name for "bargain"
  • Widescreen televisions and Projection TV and LCD television deals at CompUSA cannot be beaten. Best prices all round!
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