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CompUSA Rebate: CompUSA Widescreen Television Rebate - Your Money Buys More at CompUSA!     CompUSA Rebate: CompUSA Widescreen Television Rebate - Your Money Buys More at CompUSA!

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The CompUSA Store is well known for it's quality Electronics products and extensive range of affordable home entertainment systems and CompUSA widescreen TV products: The enviable reputation of CompUSA has been established over many years, and is built upon the well-founded principles of respecting one's customers and offering value for money. CompUSA brand-name which is recognised throughout the USA, and also far beyond. When you buy from CompUSA Website you wont be disappointed!

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At the CompUSA Shop you'll find all manner of Electronics products, discounts and best-ever prices. From the incredible CompUSA range of HDTV televisions to CompUSA washing machines, widescreen TV's, vacuum cleaners, CompUSA computers and accessories … and much more. Below is just a tiny selection of what you'll find at CompUSA Online:
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CompUSA Rebate: CompUSA Widescreen Television Rebate - Your Money Buys More at CompUSA!     CompUSA Rebate: CompUSA Widescreen Television Rebate - Your Money Buys More at CompUSA!

Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins... Given a new face and identity, a street-smart NYC cop is recruited into a super-secret organization which roots out crooks so powerful they defy traditional law enforcement. With the help of a mischievous martial arts trainer, Remo Williams will be the agency's instrument of justice. First assignnment - stop a traitorous arms merchant. Starring: Fred Ward Joel Grey Wilford Brimley J.A. Preston George Coe Charles Cioffi Kate Mulgrew Director: Guy Hamilton ... BusStation 7 Port USB Hub, Black There you are, stooped over the back of your computer tower trying to swap cables. With the BusStation, your device cables are right at your fingertips, and it's fully customizable to grow with you. This modular configurable and expandable 7-port USB hub connects all your devices using a single USB port on your computer. The base is a 4-port hub and each of the three other modules has one USB port which can be swapped out with other Belkin modules. Need more USB ports? Snap in a 4-port hub. Need a serial port? Snap in a serial module. For laptop users, the BusStation is the perfect low-cost universal docking station; all your peripherals stay connected to the BusStation, ready for use at any time. Features: Innovative modular tower with 3 slide-out modules that fit into the palm of your hand. Configure your own low-cost universal docking station. 7-port hub (standard configuration) connects 7 devices to a single USB port on your PC. Freedom to choose whatever module combination is right for you. Connect keyboards, mice, joysticks, speakers and more to a single USB port on your computer. Choose from a vast selection of Belkin modules that cover virtually every possible configuration. Modules available for Ethernet, SCSI devices, serial, PS/2 and additional USB ports. Also functions with Macintosh computers. Belkin lifetime warranty. Illuminated green LEDs for easy access to port status. Plug-and-Play to save time and frustration during installation. Compatible with Windows 95 rev. B, Windows 98, Windows 2000, Mac OS 8.1 or higher. Supports all high-speed and low-speed USB devices. Includes a Belkin Pro Series 3 ft. USB Device cable for a quality connection. ... 24x External PC Card CD-Rom Drive Now it's easy to toss in a CD-ROM drive when you pack for business trips. Weighing in at under one pound, this is the ultimate portable CD-ROM solution. It uses a Micro Power Management System that draws power from your PC Card slot only when needed. Compatable with any PC Card capable notebook Powered from Notebook PC Card slot, PS/2 Keyboard Port (optional), External power adapter (optional) Easy PC Card Type I or Type II Connection Plug and Play Operation under Windows 95/98 & Windows 2000 Max Data Transfer Rate of 3600 Kbytes/Sec (24x) Fast Access Time of 150ms Supports DOS, Windows 3.1, Windows 95/98, Windows 2000, and Windows NT Includes: 24X CD Drive, PC Card Interface Cable, Driver Diskette and Users Guide USB Option: Part# 1PCDUSB Available thru c/s at 1-800-995-4715 ... Corel Designer Version 10 From airplanes, cars and cell phones to telecommunications networks, technical graphics are the building blocks of products we rely on every day. So it goes without saying that they have to be 100% accurate-every time. Delivering precision tools that improve efficiency, Corel DESIGNER 10 was built specifically to streamline the production of technical design. It lets you create, manage, plot, share and reuse technical diagrams, illustrations and schematics, ensuring seamless file sharing within your technical drawing workflow. Corel DESIGNER 10 is full of features developed specifically to streamline the production of technical graphics with greater quality, precision and efficiency, including: New and enhanced tools for technical graphics - design or enhance complex illustrations, diagrams and schematics with speed and precision Robust technical illustration tools - create and modify detailed callouts with halos, and add dimensions, connector lines, line style sizes and custom line endings to your projectsPowerful editing tools - control all image transformations in one place, using the Transformation Docker window to move, rotate, scale, flip, skew and project objects to top, front and right isometric views Precision snapping capabilities - accurately control snapping with Keyboard Snaps options, and utilize Gravity snapping to automatically locate points in your drawings Accurate drawing tools - draw basic shapes such as lines, curves, circles, ellipses, rectangles and polygons Support for symbols - save time and reduce file sizes by implementing over 4,000 reuseable, industry-standard symbols, or create your own custom symbol libraries quickly and easily CorelTRACE 11 - speed up production time by scanning legacy raster images, diagrams and schematics using TWAIN-compatible devices, and convert them to editable vector format Extensive compatibility - enjoy support for AutoCAD 2002 DXF/DWG, CGM, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Visio, PDF, SVG, HPGL, CorelDRAW, WordPerfect, Corel Ventura, Corel GrafigoT and Corel Presentations Customizable work environment - create a personalized workspace that suits your unique preferences, and take advantage of scripting technology to develop plug-ins or customize tasks to your needs Complete network scalability - easily deploy Corel DESIGNER 10 across corporate intranets ... 3-Port FireWire Expansion PCI Card, PC The FireWire 3-Port PCI Card connects your digital camcorder and other FireWire devices to your PC. It maximizes your use of ultrafast disk, ZIP, and optical drives, scanners, printers and other peripherals. Advantages Adds 3 FireWire ports directly to your PC Sets up easily with Plug-and-Play technology - connect your FireWire devices without restarting your computer Transfer large multimedia files at their ideal ultrafast rates of up to 400Mbps Connects FireWire devices such as digital camcorders, hard drives, CD-RWs, and others -- instantly Includes a FireWire cable (6-pin to 4-pin) Lets you capture, edit, and share your custom videos with Powerful Ulead video-editing software ... Creative I-Trigue L3450 Speaker System Enticing Form: glossy white, ultra sleek yet powerful speakers match flat panel monitors, plasma TVs, and premium digital audio players Lateral Firing Transducer (LFT): dramatically widens soundstage and enhances lower mid-range notes Bi-Amplification: two dedicated amplifiers for powering Titanium micro drivers and LFT driver to deliver precise reproduction of highs & mids Audio Control Pod: power/volume/bass controls with line-in, and headphone jack, and unique M-Port to hook up compatible MP3 players Let the rich notes and warm tones of Creative I-Trigue L3500 2.1 speaker system entertain you. The exquisite miniature tower-like style of I-Trigue L3500 satellite speaker incorporates a Lateral Firing Transducer (LFT), and 2 premium Titanium micro drivers, adding acoustic fidelity beyond ordinary desktop speakers. Typical of high end home stereo speakers, you'll benefit from bi-amplification -with independent power driving the LFT driver, and the Titanium micro drviers, allowing peak performance from each speaker. You'll experience a fuller, more expansive soundstage and stronger lower mid range audio, creating a seamless blend of low, mid, and high range audio output. Combined with the power from the 30-Watt RMS subwoofer for a total system power performance of 100 Watts - you're in for a soul-stirring desktop music performance, of symphonic proportions. Titanium Micro Drivers Superior Sonic Accuracy Each speaker is designed with 2 high-precision Titanium micro drivers to deliver superior sonic accuracy, especially on the high notes, compared to speakers made with aluminum micro drivers. Bi-Amplification Dedicated Power Dedicated amplifiers for the Lateral Firing Transducer (LFT) and Titanium micro drivers result in an optimum power distribution for a more accurate and natural sound on lower mid frequencies from the LFT, and high frequencies from the Titanium drivers. Lateral Firing Transducer (LFT) Wider Soundstage and Superior Lower Mid Range Audio The unique lateral placement of LFT widens your listening soundstage, creating a richer listening experience. In addition, it enhances the lower mid range audio performance typically compromised in micro driver speakers. The better sonic imaging combined with more accurately positioned elements like male vocals, cellos, and drums result in a fuller audio quality and a convincingly real listening experience. Audio Control Pod Feature-rich Volume Control This versatile wired remote integrates patent pending M-PORT for streaming music with compatible Creative NOMAD MuVo players, auxiliary line-in, and headphone jack. It also features Power on/off, Volume/Bass Control to complete your music playback needs. M-PORT Portable Audio Docking Point Directly connect your Creative Audio Player2 to the unique M-PORT connector on your Creative Speaker System for streaming audio. No messy cables required. 2 Applicable to players that support the M-PORT connector like Creative NOMAD MuVo NX. Reinforced Wood ... 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